Milwaukee 6394-21 Circular Saw Review

A circular saw is only good as its motor and the Milwaukee 6394-21 is packed with efficient motor features and specs that make it an ideal circular saw for your simple projects at home to a worksite tool that you can take anywhere you want to work. First of all, the motor is a powerful 15-amp with 5,800 RPM motor; with this capacity, it can cut through different materials easily like wood (in different types and thickness), plastics, aluminium, light metal, sheet metal and so many more.
Milwaukee 6394-21
Milwaukee 6394-21 Features

  • Measures 17.8 x 14.1 x 10.6 inches and weighs 10.6 pounds
  • Circular saw with a high horsepower to weight ratio comparable to a 7 ¼ saw
  • 15 amp motor has 3.0 HP
  • Has an aircraft aluminium shoe
  • Patented adjustable main handle for maximum control and comfort
  • Handle is movable for a more ergonomic grip; front and rear handles have cushioned grips
  • With a Quik-Lok cord for fast cord replacements even in the field
  • With an easy positive lock
  • With a power assisted break for repetitive cuts
  • Depth and bevel adjustment knobs for bevels up to 50 degrees
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Your purchase comes with a saw with its blade, a wrench for making adjustments and a carrying case

Thinking that a tough and powerful motor could be really scary and unsafe, there are several safety features that have been built-in this circular saw. First is its safe and easy to grip handles that will make even the slightest adjustments for the most precise cuts; it has ergonomic grips so you can use it as long as you need to without any user’s fatigue. The tools power brake also makes it easier to create even small repetitive cuts; with regular saws this could be very impossible and dangerous since the wheel continues to run as you cut the wood over and over again.

Milwaukee power tools

Milwaukee has been behind power tools and several power tool innovations that a user can use at home as well as in the field. Milwaukee 6394-21 circular saw will be an ideal addition to your power tool collection at home and with its features and efficient cutting power it will likely be an ideal power cutting tool for any industry or worksite.

Advantages of using the Milwaukee 6394-21

  • This power tool provides nice power so that you can use it with your cutting projects at home as well as cutting different materials in the worksite and in the field. It is a handy helper that you can take with you anywhere since it weighs only a fraction of regular circular saws. It also has a portable case so you can carry it along with its accessories anywhere.
  • The safety features are really ideal for a novice woodworker and for someone new to cutting power tools like circular saws. The power brakes is especially ideal for cutting repetitive sizes since you can stop the wheel completely as you adjust the material to be cut.
  • This tool has a very solid feel so even when you transport it and use it in another location, it will simply lock into place and prevent the entire tool from moving. This makes it safer and more efficient for increased productivity at home and in the worksite.

Disadvantages of using the Milwaukee 6394-21

The Milwaukee 6394-21 is well-built and has features that you will really use in a circular power saw however more consumers thought that it is a bit overpriced. It costs $304.00 online and there are other circular saws with the same features and comparable specs which are more affordable than this model.

Overall, the Milwaukee 6394-21 may be the ideal addition to your home workspace, woodworking tool collection and with its efficient motor power may also be an ideal power tool for a worksite. The most impressive advantage with this circular saw is that it has so many safety features that can help novice woodworkers and those who have never handled power saws before.

The only major disadvantage with this tool is its price. It costs more than $300.00 online and this could make it impractical for a woodworker or a homeowner with a budget. There are circular saws with the same features and comparable specs that cost less than this model.

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