LG LDG3016ST Gas Double Oven Range Review

When you cook using a convection system you can be sure that foods are well-cooked, your foods retain their original flavor and foods are done in just little time. Convection system ovens and gas ranges like the LG LDG3016ST also saves you money since you will be able to cook faster and retain the natural flavors of food reducing the need to add more flavoring and spices.
LG LDG3016
LG LDG3016ST Features

  • Measures 26.4 x 29.9 x 35.9 inches and weighs 268 pounds
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Free-standing gas double oven
  • 6.1 cubic foot total oven capacity
  • 2.2 cubic foot upper oven capacity
  • 3.9 cubic foot lower oven capacity
  • Convection oven, bake and roast
  • With EvenJet Convection System
  • 5-sealed gas cooktop burners
  • WideView Window
  • Color blue interior
  • With 2 standard racks with 7 positions
  • With Smart Oven light
  • With 12 hour automatic shut off
  • With self-cleaning lower and upper ovens

This oven will not just let you cook using a convection system but also bake and roast using convection cooking as well. Thus you will ultimately save time, money and effort in preparing meals even for a large family.

Stainless steel body

With the LG LDG3016ST’s stainless steel body, you can clean the outer finish easily even with just a wet cloth or a soapy sponge, no need to apply too much elbow grease! This stainless finish will never retain odor, will never stain and will never be a problem with bumps and scratches. This impressive shiny body is also compatible with other stainless steel body appliances in your kitchen and will also compliment a totally modern kitchen.

Double ovens?

Yes, the LG LDG3016ST has a double oven feature which means you can cook separate foods at the same time. You can bake in the upper oven while roasting in the lower one. You can also take advantage of the 12 hour automatic shut off timer to prepare other meals and dishes. These ovens are self-cleaning which means you will never have to bother constantly cleaning and fussing your oven interiors and probably the best feature of these ovens is that it has seven rack positions so you can cook any sizes of food. The Smart Oven Light and the WideView Window will also let you watch over your baked or roast dishes as often as you need to.

Advantages of using an LG LDG3016ST

  • The LG LDG3016ST has a large oven capacity and the fact that you can use two ovens at the same time makes this a truly ideal kitchen appliance for any home. The cooktop is also very efficient with 5 sealed gas cooktops to allow you to cook and prepare several dishes at the same time.
  • The oven features like the WideView Window and Smart Oven Light allows users to efficiently check on their food being baked or roasted especially when you need to roast or bake perfectly for a party or gathering. And with the self-cleaning oven function on both the lower and upper ovens, maintenance will surely be a breeze.

Disadvantages of using an LG LDG3016ST

The LG LDG3016ST is very expensive at $1,619.00 and this is one of the main reasons why many shun away from purchasing it in the first place. There are also so many plastic parts that may easily wear and tear (the body is the only one made of stainless steel) and each plastic part is very expensive to replace online and offline. Take the plastic knobs for the gas range; these are usually the first ones to go and each of these costs $90.00 online.

Overall, the LG LDG3016ST is an ideal oven gas range for an average-sized to a large kitchen. It has features that are ideal for reducing cooking time like convection cooking/baking/roasting plus also has enough space to cook different kinds of meals at the same time. It is also easy to maintain and to clean since the exterior body is made of stainless steel and the oven has a built in self-cleaning feature to save you from tedious oven cleaning chores.

The only pitfall of the LG LDG3016ST is its price; it is one of the most expensive gas stove ovens in the market; its accessories are also more expensive compared to other brands making it an impractical purchase for a regular homeowner.

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