Hamilton Beach 31230 Toaster Oven Review

Hamilton brand is well known when it comes to cooking appliances. The Hamilton Beach 31230 toaster oven is a perfect option for mothers who have no time to devote themselves in cooking due to hectic schedules. The name itself implies that this kitchen appliance is best to use. The touchpad and digital control of this toaster make food cooking very easy at the exact temperature and user friendly. It can make breads browned evenly and crispy to eat that even a child can do the toasting of their breads after they got home from school.
Hamilton Beach 31230 Toaster Oven
Hamilton Beach 31230 Toaster Oven Features

  • Probe setting that automatically cooks dishes
  • Built-in probes
  • Push button interface
  • Digital time display
  • Compatible with kinds of household standard outlets
  • Fast convection cooking
  • Temperature setting designs
  • Cooks food in a traditional way
  • Automatically sets to warm when food reaches to any mode temperature
  • Digital touchpad
  • The set includes a slide-out crumb tray, broil rack, and bake pan
  • Fits  12 inch pizza, 7 pounds chicken and 6 slices of breads
  • Exterior dimension length 18.25”; width 15.25”
  • Toaster with convection cooking
  • Fast and easy cooking
  • Weighs 19 pounds
  • Product dimension 17.8 pounds
  • Nonstick interior design
  • One year warranty
  • Best for broiling

Innovative Performance

When it comes to innovative performance, Hamilton Beach 31230 Toaster Oven probably the best options of people today. With the help of modern technologies, this powerful kitchen appliance could really help persons prepare their food conveniently in an instant. This is the most convenient and space saver kind of home appliance compared to counter top appliances like microwave ovens. This sleek and stylish oven toaster does not only warm up foods and pop the favorite popcorn of kids but it can also broil and cook chicken in an instant.

This is the first oven toaster equipped with a latest built-in temperature design that can serve and cook food perfectly and evenly like a traditional cooking. This Hamilton brand claims that their latest oven toaster can roast faster and do not consume much electricity compared to some electric oven in the market. When a person is considering a modern and durable oven toaster, see some products from Hamilton since they are good options.

According to some experts, they tested the capacity and accuracy of this product when it comes to cooking compared to some brands. The result is extremely great! The food being cooked in this oven toaster is quickly done compared to others in the same temperature rate.

Advantages of Hamilton Beach 31230 Toaster Oven

  • Food toasts evenly and fairly  from light to dark and crispy to the bite.
  • Roasts a 7-pound chicken by using its probe.
  • It can bake a cake almost just like a conventional oven.
  • This oven comes in 5-toast settings
  • Can even hold 12-inch pizza and kids would love.
  • The manual includes cooking diagrams.
  •  It has a modern compartment that one can place the food with temperature probe.
  • It has convection cooking capacities.
  • Built with a nonstick interior.
  • It has the ability to shut off automatically when the heat reaches its desired temperature.
  • This can even toast frozen pizzas right from your refrigerator.
  • It comes with a control panel and it is very easy to use.
  • The oven is also very simple to clean since this home equipment uses a Teflon lining.
  • The toast settings are very accurate and could produce mouthwatering and crispy toast.

Disadvantages of Hamilton Beach 31230 Toaster Oven

  • One can find it difficult to fit six slices of breads on the rack for toasting.
  • The chicken breast takes time to broil.
  • All the accessories are needed to be clean after using.

As the name implies, this toaster oven is the best choice for moms today. Since this home equipment appliance is easy to use and user friendly. One can cook everything on it in minutes and even hours. Aside from cooking various dishes for breakfast and dinners, this has a multi purpose use and can bake cakes and pizzas.

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