Bosch JS470E Top-Handle Jig Saw Review

The Bosch JS470E jig saw has 4-orbital settings that will allow you to fine tune the tool according to the material that you want to cut. With these settings; you can adjust from making fine cuts to aggressive cuts in just one press of the button. And with more settings like maximum speed settings and trigger controls that set the speed, you can easily slice to any material whether you are using this saw at home or in the workplace.
Bosch JS470E
Bosch JS470E Features

  • Measures 13.6 x 13.6 x 5.1 inches
  • Made in USA
  • Blue color
  • 100-watt motor with 7.0 amp
  • No load SMP from 500 to 3,100
  • Can cut through wood, aluminium and mild steel
  • With a bevel cut angle of 45 degrees
  • Uses Constant Response Circuitry
  • With four orbital settings
  • With a convenient blade ejection lever
  • Has very low-vibration and smooth operation
  • With an ambidextrous lock –on button
  • With an adjustable dust blower
  • With an aluminium footplate
  • With a secure clamping system and on-board bevel wrench
  • Comes with a  30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty
  • Your purchase comes with a one no-mar overshoe, an anti-splinter insert, a blade, a bevel wrench and a tool carrying case.

Small, powerful and safe

This jig saw is unlike other power tools since it may be small but it is powerful as it is safe. It has several Bosch technologies when it comes to precision cutting like the Constant Response Circuitry where in you can forget about inconsistencies in your cuts since this jig saw will handle precision to the T. Safety features like the tool-less blade ejection system will prevent touching a very hot blade; in just one press of a button, the blade is ejected so that a new one can be placed. And since working on a right handed took while you are left handed could be dangerous, Bosch also has an ambidextrous lock button to switch from one hand to another. This does not only make the tool safe but will also minimize strain and pain on your hands, wrists and arms.

Corded tool

Since this tool is corded, it can only be used in a location where there is a power strip, outlet or extension cord. However this is not a disadvantage at all; you will have uninterrupted power to finish your work. The motor will be consistent and you will be able to increase your productivity by using it in the field or in the worksite.

Advantages of using the Bosch JS470E

  • Easy to use. Certainly with only a few settings and adjustments needed, you will be able to handle the Bosch JS470E even without previous experience in handling power tools. Woodworkers and homeowners will surely like the way that it is very easy to hold, to handle and with a fewer vibrations you can work using this saw for hours.
  • The four-orbital settings are a real time-saver since you may easily select the setting you need to match the material that you are working on. You will get to enjoy better productivity and more precise cuts when you use the correct setting to match the material you are trying to cut.
  • The handle of the Bosch JS470E is easy to hold and very comfortable despite the vibrations. The ability to switch from right hand use to left hand is also a very unique but practical feature.

Disadvantages of using the Bosch JS470E

The most common complaints of consumers who have bought the Bosch JS470E are that it is unable to keep a curved cut. Curved corners would still appear with angles and basically there are no tools or adjusters that come with this jig saw to handle this disadvantage.

Overall, the Bosch JS470E is an ideal power tool for a homeowner or an avid woodworker since it has efficient features to cut and to make precise cuts as well. It has safety features that will let the user feel at ease even when it is his first time to use a jig saw and it is also for professionals who are very skilled in using various woodworking tools. Complaints of not being able to make curved cuts may be enhanced with the use of a tool or an accessory.

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