Bosch DDS181-02 18-Volt Compact Tough Drill Driver Review

This Bosch DDS181-02 18-Volt Compact Tough Drill Driver is best for heavy duty work like drilling applications. People use this modern tool for drilling hardwood up to metal. This a small tool but very powerful and helpful. Even women and kids can use this easily without the hassles. When one wants to hang a wall décor, simply get this small but terrible drill driver and work will be done in minutes!
Bosch DDS181-02
Bosch DDS181-02 18-Volt Compact Tough Drill Driver Features

  • With 4-pole high-performance motor
  • Brand new patented gear train and clutch
  • Ergonomic grip zone
  • Flexible power system
  • Six-month financing
  • Included 1 battery
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 1 yr warranty
  • Balanced design/easy bit changes
  • High Torque, fast speed and durable construction
  • ProVantage guarantee
  • Tough drill/driver kit
  • Bulb voltage: 18 watts
  • Color : Blue
  • Batteries Included
  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 14.5 x 4.8 inches
  • 7-inch head length
  • LED light- for closed and dark areas
  • Soft-grip wrapped housing
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Cordless
  •  Slim Pack batteries of two 18 volts lithium ion

Innovative Performance

When it comes to performance, this Bosch DDS181-02 18-Volt Compact Tough Drill Driver is the best option to use in any kinds of drilling works. This is the latest technology that is very innovative and stylish compared to the traditional kind of drill driver. This small tool is ready for tough and weighty responsibility that covers everything from metal to simply hardwood. The latest technology today provide people to make their works easier. The handle is designed ergonomically with soft grip housing to protect hands while working. This has a  half inch automatic lockup chuck intended for one-handed bit. It has a drill bit capacity for greater convenience. The LED gives light when working in dark areas.

With the modern built of this drill, one can bring this tool when travelling and it can be placed inside the handbag. In this way, one can greatly use this innovative tool anywhere he wants like in school and office. This slim pack drill is the best choice when looking for a very lightweight feature. This powerful tool can give convenience to everyone and even for elders and kids.

Advantages of Bosch DDS181-02 18-Volt Compact Tough Drill Driver

  • It has a ProVantage three-year plan protection  and this plan are guaranteed 2-year protection of free battery and tool protection for 1 year.
  • This drill is very impressive and ideal to be used in small works especially in the house and garage.
  • The tool balance is perfect and the size is also compact.
  • The LED light is very bright that can illuminate the dark areas when doing woodworking.
  • The reverse/forward selector is simple to switch and placed appropriately.
  • The stylish chuck spins/clamps well without having a big issue.
  • The belt hook included in the package can be easily placed on both sides.
  • The 2 1.5 Ah lithium ion batteries can easily charge within 30 minutes.
  • This drill is ergonomics.
  • Powerful enough to do various works.
  • The smaller size is ideal for people with smaller hands.
  • The battery packs can fit in a person’s pocket

Disadvantages of Bosch DDS181-02 18-Volt Compact Tough Drill Driver

  • It has a huge case of storage with disorganized space usage.
  • It has no bit holder found on drill.
  • It has a stiff gear selector.
  • This tool is very pricey.

This is a very kind unique tool that when a person starts using it, can be very addicting since it pushes a person to  find more things to work on. Whether for repairing trim, hanging lovely curtains, deck fixing or assembling  book cabinets, this cordless drill is the most useful drill tool for the homeowner. Everybody loves this drill and the best option in town when looking for a very light drill to work on. This is a very good quality and one could not waste any penny for it since this is reliable and easy to use and delivers top quality performance. When it comes to charging time, this drill charges immediately and if looking for this kind of tool, then this can be your best choice and a good way to go if spoiling yourself.

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